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here are some facts about our ingredients:


  • All ingredients are carefully researched before use in creating our all-natural products.


  • We do not use artificial: colors, sweeteners, or preservatives in our personal care products.


  • We do not use toxic chemicals or synthetic fillers in any of our products.


  • We currently use a small variety of distributors while researching local farms and suppliers.


  • We do not purchase products or from companies that participate in animal testing.


  • No Hummingbird Naturals product is ever tested on animals.


"I just got my order of the Cherry Vanilla lip balm and I LOVE how it smells and feels on my lips! Can't wait to try the Orange one! Everyone should try one!!"

Cynthia from Oregon

Anne from Pennsylvania

“The Orange Sorbet lip balm reminds me of chasing the ice-cream truck when I was a kid!”

all Hummingbird Naturals products are handcrafted, all-natural and chemical-free

John from New York

"The Solid Lotion Bar helped my cracked knuckles over the winter."


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