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About Hummingbird Naturals

I'll admit it, I was never very conscious about what I put on my body until I started having children. I just always assumed the big name brand conventional products I used were safe. I trusted various companies and products until I started doing research and educating myself about the toxic chemical ingredients that I could barely pronounce on the product labels. Don't believe me? Visit and see for yourself. I promise it will change the way you look at many famous products and companies.


About a year ago I started paying close attention to product ingredients. Researching them made me sick to my stomach, especially thinking that for almost my entire life I've been exposed and subjected to hundreds (maybe thousands) of toxic chemicals. I have 2 small children and I want to be here for them for as long as I can. I also want to teach them now while they are still very small to learn to educate themselves and buy all-natural and/or organic so they can buy and live healthier.  


I started making a handful of my own all-natural products to use as healthier and safer alternatives to the toxic conventional products we were used to.  I feel safer, healthier, happier and sleep better at night knowing what I do and don't put in my body and my family's bodies.  I really enjoy crafting and working with ingredients and find the finished products and helping others live healthier through them very fulfilling.


Why the name Hummingbird Naturals? The summer I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter was magical. We spent it like so many previous summers, at my mom's log cabin in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.  That was the first year of the hummingbirds and we were fascinated by them! They would swoop right over our heads and they were so loud it was amazing. Such amazing little creatures!  That would be one of the last summers we spent at the cabin before it being sold. Ever since then I associate hummingbirds with sentimental value and bringing back fond memories of the cabin, that summer and my beautiful daughters!

Heather Evans, Owner



My goal is to make affordable, healthy and safe personal and home care products for you and your family so that you have the freedom and educated choice to buy and live healthier.


Thank you so much for visiting!


~Heather Evans

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