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Reiki Healing

An in-person healing session focusing on the 7 chakras followed by an aura sweep,

These relaxing sessions will help you find inner peace and balance. 


20-minute rapid chair session $25

30-minute table session $45

60-minute table session $90


Reiki healing energy is safe for babies, children, adults and animals of all ages*

*individuals with pacemakers should consult their physician before receiving energy healing*

Distance Healing

Experience the healing energy of Reiki even when you are unable to have an in-person session. Reiki is omnipotent and omnipresent and therefore is limitless in time and space.


5-minute no touch meditation $5

15-minute by proxy $15


Safe for babies, children, adults and animals of all ages,

Intuitive Oracle/Tarot Reading

Sometimes we need help and guidance from our higher selves and spirit guides to figure things out or guide us in the right direction.

Single card overview draw $5

Basic 3 card Past, Present, Future reading $15

Choice of available decks

*this service currently provided via email/Facebook only*

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