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I am an empath, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Usui, Tibetan and Chikara Reiki Master, and an intuitive and spiritual medium. I began my spiritual journey after meeting a Reiki master teacher at a wellness event where I was selling my Hummingbird Naturals handmade all-natural skin care. Having had little previous exposure to Reiki, I was thoroughly awed and amazed by the energy I felt during a healing session.


It is said that Reiki finds you, and after many years of personal and spiritual struggle, I immediately knew that Reiki was the path I was now meant to travel. I have always felt a special connection to animals and nature, and that I had a higher purpose as a Claircognizant and Precognitive Empath. I now feels blessed to be a channel of Reiki healing energy as well.


I studied Reiki Levels 1 and 2 and attended workshops on the chakras and spirit guides under Rev. Susan Olin-Dabrowski, RMT.  I advanced my knowledge on-line under The Malones and Judith Conroy to become a Reiki master while also studying intutive card reading under Delight Voss and spiritual mediumship under Emily Stroia.  I currently share the healing energy of Reiki through in-person and distance healing sessions for adults, children and animals of all ages.


When not channeling Reiki during healing sessions, reading oracle cards or doing a medium reading I keep busy by crafting my all-natural skin care, knitting, beading handmade rosaries and mala meditation beads and working collaboratively with local gift shops to consign my creations and bring safer all-natural products to the community.


I am an avid reader and writer and enjoy the sunshine and being outdoors. I love to play volleyball and spend time with my pets and family, especially my beautiful daughters who are my love, peace and joy on this Earth. ~Namaste~

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